Membership shall be open to all Owan men, women, and children by birth, marriage, or naturalization, at least 18 years of age, resident in the United States of America.  There shall be two types of membership: Active membership, and honorary membership.

Active Membership

Active membership shall be open to all men, women, and children indigenes of Owan LGAs residing in the USA. 

An active member shall be a registered member and participate in all activities of the association: except in an emergency. 

An active member shall be a registered; financial member of the Association; who is current on all the dues; fees and levies to date. A new member shall pay a one-time registration fee of twenty (US) dollars only ($20.00).

Monthly dues for active members shall be ten (US) dollars only ($10.00).

Payment of monthly dues shall start from the month a member registered to become a member of the association.

An active member shall retain his/her membership for as long as he/she reside in the USA and be current in his/her financial obligations.

Active membership shall cease for the reason of resignation.

Honorary Membership

Any person who identifies with the interest and aspiration of this Association shall become an honorary member.

No dues are required of honorary members. But any donations by an honorary member made to the Association to further its purpose shall be accepted and will be appreciated.

Honorary membership shall cease for the reason of resignation, misconduct, or death.

History of Owan People

Owan is a geographical enclave located in the Northern part of Edo State in Nigeria. It is located North – East of Benin City, the State’s Capital and it is the North Senatorial District of Edo State.
Structurally, Owan  is made up of two Local Government Areas. Each of the local Government has its own administrative   headquarters.

However, differences abound between the dialect of Owan and the Binis on one hand and between the peoples of Owan on the other hand. The people of the various sub-regions, as dictated by proximity, however, speak closely related dialects and have a common culture.
Owan is rich in culture and tradition.  The people are a mixture of traditional worshipers, Muslims, and Christians groups. Their marriage and death ceremonies are streamlined alongside these religions. Traditional Festivals and manhood ceremonies are held throughout Owan at various times and in various places.
Our aim is to share knowledge about Owan Land, its people, its culture, music and traditions. We also aim to create a platform for Owan People anywhere in the world to converge and interact, with a view to moving the region forward.