IVBIARO, meaning children of ARO. History has it that Aro, migrated from Bini. Ivbiaro has three villages: UBUNEKE, EBESE and USUN.”  A historical hypothesis about the history of Ivbi Aro people -their relationship with some Ibo tribes. The migration of this “Aro Children” from Idu (Bini) to their current location in “Ivbi Aro” is also quite consonant with a migration hypothesis of the Ibos.

The Aro mark themselves clearly: Aro Ndi Izuogu; Aro Ndi Ikelionwu; Aro- Ngwa; UmuAro; Ivbi-Aro etc. If they are “Children of Aro” – they may not be Idu even if their descendants claim it today. They may have been forced to migrate and settle in their current location, but they call themselves by their proper names, irrespective of the distance of time and memory. Yet, in their current situation, IvbiAro cannot be anything but the Aro Igbo in Etsako, pointing to the interconnections that have taken place over time in these theatres of history.