Ihievbe (SEBE) is a town in Edo State, Nigeria, Africa with a population of approximately 50,000 people. It is part of the Owan in Edo State northern senatorial district. Geographically, it is between Auchi and Afuze. The name Ihievbe is common misspelled in Maps and some other literature as SEBE or ISEBE due to the inability of the White Man to pronounce the name IHIEVBE correctly.

The people of Ihievbe speak Ihievbe language,[1] a dialect of Edoid as the native language, and English as the common language.[2] Ihievbe are Afemai people. As with the rest of Nigeria, there are two main religions, Christian and Muslim. The father of the house in Ihievbe is called ODAFEN. The descendant of ELE is the IVBIODAFEN(Son of the Soil). The subsistence of the people from Ihievbe is mostly based on agriculture and animal husbandry. The Traditional ruler, King, is referred to as the UKOR.


The common ancestor “OBOH” founded Ihievbe about AD 1473. He had Ojekpenkhare, Ojabor (Otua-Jabor) and Ikhuohie (an adopted son that was used as payment having treated someone of fracture).

Ojekpenkhare who was the first son gave birth to ELE who is the founder of a place that was named after him IVBI-ABABA, but was wrongly identified as Iyaba. Ele gave birth to Ekhaigo, Agbede-bi Ujama alias Ekugbe and Ovongbuan. Ekhaigo gave birth to Aireme, Odubi and Urahin. Aireme gave birth to Oguerran alias Uhumuogua(M) and uwanrore(F) and while Oguerran gave birth to Okaigbuan, Uwanrore gave birth to OKHIAI for an Ora man through an illicit relationship. Okhiai is the father of Afonkhiai alias Ivbi-adegbe. Okhiai has four(4) children namely – Uwadia, Ifa, Airuwujuan, and Ore.

There are 8 clans in Ihievbe, referred to as EKEN-AFEN. These are OTUA , IVBI-ABABA (IYABA), OKHUAME, UGBA, OGHUORE, EKHUOHIE, EMABU and IHIEVBE-OGBEN (SEBE-OGBEN). Each of these clans is made up of various Quarters.

Okhia was a very dutiful daughter who could not get married outside the town as suitors from the north’s that were in the town for trades and the Islamic propagation ask her hand in marriage. She later gave birth to the four aforementioned i.e. Uwadia, Ifa, Airuwujuan, Ore. Because of the great duty Okhia to her father, her children were bestowed with the monarchy dynasty of the village along with Oguerran (Uhumogwa) the male child, till date this tradition is keenly observed. The rulership goes round on rotation, as appointed by the ODION-UGWERE (the eldest man in the most senior age group alive) of IVBI-ABABA clan; and crowned by the most senior man (ODION) of IVBIATO family of EMABU quarters. No other quarter can wear the crown of kingship in Ihievbe outside these noble quarters and EMABU quarters are the King maker.

Ihievbe is blessed with large vast of land and solid minerals, a very hospitable place to live in, rich in culture and they teach great moral values to their children from childhood.


Iheivbe male youth within 20–23 years celebrates manhood festival called Ugogo every three years, this festival usher them into manhood stage where they can join in taking vital decision in the land. It starts with OTUA clan in December; UGBA, OKHUAME, OGHUORE and EKHUOHIE clans in JANUARY of the preceding year; Ivbi-ABABA (IYABA) and EMABU clans in FEBRUARY; and lastly IHIEVBE-OGBEN in MARCH.


Ihievbe Town has notable Sons and Daughters amongs whom are Late Chief Emokpaire EMOIYE (The late Odiongwere of EMABU quarter) Late Lawrence Omage Oikhere (Pioneer headmaster Ivbele Primary School) LateHon. Justice J. Omo-Eboh (Court of Appeal) Late Mr Albert Afegbai (formal CP Lagos, Force PRO); Late Mr Felix Musa (formal CP, Force PRO); Late Chief Audu Adamu. Late Mr A K Amu (Formal AFN president); Late Mr Haruna Agbonikhenaformal Labor Leader; Late Major. Thomas Emokhare Osifoh (Oc Military Police) Late Major Andrew Idonije. (Intel. Officer) Late Lawrence O. IDONIJE (Builder) Patrick Airenevbose OIKHERE (Former counselor and Author) Major Abraham Imakhu.(Engr.) Senator Alhaji Yisa Bramiah. Engr. Umoru Mohammed Sule (Civil Engineer) Mr Dele Momodu (Ovation Magazine).