Otuo is one of the major towns in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. Located on Latitude: 7.00691 and Longitude: 6.00522 with Postcode (ZIP): 313107, Otuo is surrounded by a mountainous terrain with a climate comparable with that of a rainforest zone which promotes the growth and development of a very rich biodiversity. The natives are mainly involved in agriculture, weaving, pottery and blacksmithing.

Otuo is believed to have been founded by a group of men sent out by the Benin Kingdom when they had inter tribal wars. The Benin people build motes to prevent invaders from entering Benin City. They appointed 12 men to go to Edo north and get lumps of palm oil which they would pour along the motes to attract white ants  which would prevent invaders from coming into Benin. These 12 men ran several errands for the Benin dynasty then, but with time, they saw the futility of the errands, and saw their continuous use as slave as anti ethical. So when they went on one of the errands, they never returned. They decided to make the place where there was abundance of palm trees their abode. That abode is present day Otuo.

These 12 men are believed to have formed groups and quarters like :Amoya, Ohigba, Oluma, Amoho, Olila, Orake, Obo, Uree, Imafen, Iyeu, Iziokhai, Ighera, Ugba etc. These quarters represents the twelve men from Benin. To decide the head quarter among the twelve, a contest was decided between Oluma and Olila. Both men were told to go to the market place to test their strength.

The test was for both to throw javelin  and if it hit anybody, the thrower will pay for the injury or fatality: and if did not hit anybody, the thrower wins leadership of the clan. Oluma threw his javelin and it did not hit anybody in the first and only throw and he became the leader of the twelve quarters. Olila was not happy with this development because he was never given a chance to throw his javelin.

Olila  eventually suggested that Obaship should be rotational, rather than being hereditary, among six quarters in Otuo. The other six quarters would be assistants. This arrangement was agreed on by all till date. The first Oba from Otuo land is Chief Akhiome from Oluma quarters.

Traditionally, the people of Otuo believe that people must not die early but live to be 80 years and above. If anybody dies before the age of 80, the people of Otuo will consult their deity to see the cause of death. The deity is called Aremina. They would cut the hair, finger nails, and cloth of the deceased and take it to the deity to find out the cause of death.


There are many festivals in Otuo that includes Ohen and Oko. The festivals are normally done on market days known as the Ewo market day.  Women who have seven children in Otuo are called Ogbewe or Agbisi. There is a festival for such women which involve the use of pig.

Close neighbors of Otuo include Igwe-Oke, Ikao, Ikhin, Iru-Oke, Levbu-Ake, Igwe.