The Ivbiadaobi Clan of Edo State Nigeria are mostly Muslims, they originated from the Great Benin kingdom where royalty is revered.  Ivbiadaobi literally means “Adaobi’s Offspring”. Adaobi as a man left the Benin Kingdom alongside his older brother Uchi whose offspring is the present Auchi an adulteration of “Aya Uchi” literally means “people of Uchi”, headquarter of Estako West LGA also in Edo( this story will come subsequently).

Together they left Benin kingdom due to hardship meted out by the reigning Oba (King) who was not able to bear any child, he ordered that no man should have any intercourse with his wife and if it does happen and results into pregnancy and brings forth a male child that child must be killed also no man should shave his hair! of course it became lice abode.

The hardship was so intense that some men started to run away from the Kingdom but unfortunately they got captured and were severely punished for treason. Originally we all speak Bini Language, some decided to distort the language to avoid being recaptured which resulted till date to the slight differences in Edo languages across the state. so each man distorts the language finds a girl he can teach his new language and run off, since language was the main tool used to recapture people back to the Kingdom, so when men were sent out on a mission to recapture when they speak Bini language they get funny response, with that such people were left alone.

So Adaobi alongside his older brother decided to settle in the present Edo north where they met some others already occupying the land while some others met them there, they decided to use river Ole (aka Ole waghie) as boundary while Uchi settled uphill Adaobi settled down the valley.

Adaobi got married to Aro which gave birth to the present day Ivbiaro literal meaning “Aro’s offspring” you know in those days when men have more than one wife their children are identified by their mothers’ names, he had other wives Evbe, Ake and Era. Evbe’s children are today known as “Ihievbe” and Ake’s are Warrake” an adulteration from “Owa ake” meaninhg “Ake’s home”. These villages i.e. Ivbiaro, Ihievbe, Warrake and Era make up till date the Ivbiadaobi Clan.