The founder or Erue was a descendant of Eriere;one of the sons of Irimo- the founder of Iuleha clan. They were formerly at Ekpe hill near Ikhin. They were formerly part of the Iuleha clan of Owan west local government area. When Chief Okun was the Oba of Iuleha, he initiated an inter-tribal war against Uroe people and burnt down their village [settlement].

This action necessitated their migration to Ubiale in 1901 AD and brought them to the Ivbiomion clan. The quarters in Uroe are Oraza, Evbore and Ubulekin. Their shrines are Omoemi,Ailuroe and Owan. The chieftaincy titles are Oraza and Ozegu. The rivers in the village are rivers Ugbo and Iwe. Their cultural background is patterned similar to that of Iuleha.